Has Your Furnace Gone on the Fritz?

Has Your Furnace Gone on the Fritz?

Hire us for heating replacement services in Huntsville or Madison, AL

If the heater in your Huntsville or Madison, AL area home or commercial facility has given up the ghost, don't panic. You can count on the Maximum Comfort Heating & Air LLC team for a rapid heating replacement.

Call now to get a free estimate on heating replacement services.

3 signs you might need to replace your heater

Neglecting your heater when it malfunctions can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, so it's smart to contact an HVAC contractor at the first sign of trouble. You probably need heating replacement services if you notice that your heater is:

  1. Emitting a strong smell of gas.
  2. Making unusual popping or banging sounds.
  3. Causing your electric bills to spike while the temperature stays the same.
Don't wait for routine heater problems to become dangerous. Call 256-539-5222 today to schedule heating replacement services.


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